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Playing xylophone by 3D laser tracking

3D laser tracking on passive sphere

At the LASER World of PHOTONICS in June 2019, qutools presented its laser tracking system based on the interferometer quDIS.

Playing the xylophone

The tracking unit traced a reflecting sphere and measured the distance interferometrically. The sphere was mounted on a stick to use it as a xylophone mallet.

By hitting a passive xylophone – simply painted on a leather pad – the measured acceleration of the sphere triggered playing a sound. The position of the tracking at that time determined the sound frequency, which was “calibrated” before.

3D tracking of a sphere and playing xylophone, Photo: P. Bachhuber – Medienstürmer

Tracking a robot

And of course, a robot most certainly shouldn’t be missing either! On its arm, a sphere was mounted to track its movements and determine the position with interferometric accuracy.

Robot 3D tracking with interferometric accuracy, Photo: P. Bachhuber – Medienstürmer