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Interferometric Distance Measurement

Time-Tagger & Time-to-Digital Converter > Summary

The quTAG Family

The quTAU Family discontinued

Quantum Physics Education & Science Kits > Summary

Quantum Science Kit

  • Platform for Quantum Physics Experiments
  • Multiple Experiment Boards
  • User-friendly Operation, complete System
  • Photon Entanglement and NV Spin Manipulation

Entanglement Demonstrator

  • Study of quantum entanglement
  • Violation of Bell’s inequalities
  • Quick entanglement verification
  • Multiple Add-ons

Quantum Science Suitcase

  • Experience the world of quantums
  • Single & entangled photons
  • Multiple quantum experiments
  • DIY quantum physics!

NV Center Sensing

  • NV Center Fluorescence
  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Spin Relaxation Time
  • Magnetic Field Sensing