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Quantum Sensing by Diamond Magnetometer

  • quNV - Quantum Sensing by Diamond Magnetometer based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers.
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This quantum diamond magnetometer and its experiments will introduce students to the concepts of quantum sensing. The design of the quNV is based on recent achievements of scientific research and demonstrates quantum sensing in a simple and user friendly system for student lab courses at colleges and universities.

The core of the quNV is a HPHT diamond with an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. The NV centers can be excited by light in the green spectrum. The excited state decays back to the ground state either directly or via an intermediate shelving state with different fluorescence intensity. The decay path depends on the electron spin of the NV centers. Thus, the electron spin can be read out optically.

The electron spin can be manipulated further by microwave radiation. By applying magnetic and electric fields, the energy levels of the spins can be shifted. Hence, different experiments and measurement applications are possible.

Sample Experiments

Here is a list of the experiments you can do with the quNV:

Key Features

Probe: HPHT Diamond
Excitation: 520 nm CW Diode Laser
Microwave: 4 GHz RF Sweep Generator
Detection: Photodiode, Control & Read-Out Unit


The dynamics of the NV center allow applications like spin initialization and state readout. Therefore, the center is suitable for quantum sensing applications like magnetic field sensing, spin relaxation time measurements and optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR).

Due to their scalability, long coherence times and ability for interaction with photons, NV centers are of high interest for research in quantum information processing. Qubits can be defined as spin states of single electron or nuclear spins.

Possible applications of the quNV are:


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