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Quantum Physics Kits

Quantum Physics Education & Science Kits

Qutools’ science kits are designed for educational purposes.

The brand new quEDU is a science kit with single photon detectors and time tagging electronics. Multiple experiment boards can be connected. You can create entangled photon pairs and manipulate electron spin.

The quED is an entanglement demonstrator with a source for single and entangled photon pairs. With its add-ons multiple quantum experiments can be conducted.

Our Quantenkoffer is a plug and play quantum science kit for schools and universities with single and entangled photon pairs. Multiple tokens with different optical abilities give a huge variety of experiments.

Quantum Science Kit

  • Platform for Quantum Physics Experiments
  • Multiple Experiment Boards
  • User-friendly Operation, complete System
  • Photon Entanglement and Spin Manipulation

Entanglement Demonstrator

  • Study of quantum entanglement
  • Violation of Bell’s inequalities
  • Quick entanglement verification
  • Multiple Add-ons

Quantum Science Suitcase

  • Experience the world of quantums
  • Single & entangled photons
  • Portable and user friendly
  • DIY quantum physics!

NV Center Sensing

  • NV Center Fluorescence
  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Spin Relaxation Time
  • Magnetic Field Sensing