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Part of: A Science Kit for Quantum Physics.

  • Hanbury Brown-Twiss setup Add-On for the quED

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Photons (or generally quantum objects) sometimes also behave like particles. With the quED and this add-on you can show that photons can not be split up. You can also explore a simple quantum random bit/number generator and use it in combination with the quED-MI to show wave and particle nature of photons in one experiment.

Sample Experiments

Here is a list of the experiments you can do with the quED + quED-HBT and possibly other add-ons.

Single Photon Experiments without Interference
Particle Nature of Photons
Quantum Random Bit Generation
Single Photon Experiments with Interference
Wave-Particle Dualism: Michelson + HBT
Photon Pair Experiments without Polarisation Entanglement
Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference + HBT


These are the experiments we have come up with so far and found interesting enough to put them here. Do you have more ideas? Please let us know!

Other Add-Ons

Here are more add-ons designed to be extend the functionality of the quED:

+ quED-MI Michelson Interferometer

Demonstrate the wave nature of single photons through their interference or build a quantum eraser.

Single Photon Michelson Interferometer Add-On for the quED.

  • Single Photon Michelson Interferometer Add-On for the quED.

Interference is generally considered to be a wave phenomenon. Curiously it also works with single quantum objects. Use the quED-MI Michelson Interferometer add-on together with the quED to show that this is the case. (The photograph shows the motorised version.)

Read more about the quED-MI Michelson Interferometer.

+ quED-HOM Hong–Ou–Mandel Effect
Experience the purely quantum 2-photon interference effect by revealing the Hong-Ou-Mandel dip.

Hong-Ou-Mandel Interferometer Demonstrating 2-Photon Interference.

  • Hong-Ou-Mandel effect Add-On for the quED

When you have two indistinguishable photons and each of them hit one input of a beam splitter, they exit the beam splitter together in one output port. This is an effect you cannot demonstrate with bright light, but with this add-on you can.

Read more about the quED-HOM.

+ quED-QKD Quantum Cryptography

Securely distribute a secret key between Alice and Bob with the BB84 protocol.

Quantum Cryptography Add-On for the quED.

One of the most popular industrial applications for quantum phenomena right now is quantum cryptography, or better, quantum key distribution. With this add-on, you can use weak coherent pulses to simulate realistically how a secure communication between two parties (Alice and Bob) is made possible by the BB84 protocol in a real environment.

Read more about the quED-QKD.

System Includes

The quED-HBT is an add-on to the quED and consists of the following parts:

  • 1 -> 2 Fiber Beam Splitter (Fiber Coupler)
  • One silicon single photon avalanche detectors

Have a look at our add-ons if you would like to perform additional experiments!


quED-HBT manual 07/2022 1.2 MB pdf
quED-HBT sample solution 07/2022 1.2 MB pdf