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Beaming can kill you!


An nerd fight rages over at YouTube. The clever explain-it-alls at C.P. Grey started it. In a charming video they explain, why teleportation as seen on television – in all Star Trek franchises, to be exact – can not work as advertised. Discussed not only on a scientific base, but a philosophical one, too. Would the transported you really be you?

The although clever Henry Reich from “Minute Physics” begs to differ. Because he knows quantum physics. And the fact, that there’s no cloning in quantum teleportation. “Now, we don’t yet know exactly how brains work to create consciousness, but if the quantum states of some electrons somewhere in the brain are critical to perfectly determining — and thus copying — “you”, then a teleporter would necessarily have to obey the rules of quantum teleportation when sending the information about the arrangement of particles that are “you” to the new location, and whatever was left behind would definitively *not* be you.”

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