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Quantum is calling. It’s about your cat…

Do you remember „Anyone Can Quantum“? The epic quantum chess game between Paul Rudd and Stephen Hawking? We blogged about it here. Well, the team at Caltech’s Institute of Quantum Information and Matter and at Trouper Productions just made their second viral movie.

It’s quite entertaining and maybe a little confusing, but a lot of fun, too. Let’s not discuss the science behind it too deeply, because that would stir up much more confusion. Schrödinger’s cat is Simon Pegg’s cat, but it’s neither alive nor dead, but simply not here anymore. Don’t ask.

It’s got its load of references to Star Trek, The Matrix and some inside jokes for physicists, so it really is worth the watch. Have fun with Quantum is Calling ft. Stephen Hawking, Zoe Saldana, Keanu Reeves, Simon Pegg, John Cho and Paul Rudd (in a cameo)…

The movie features its own IMDb entry here and there is a nice „Behind the Scenes“ video available in YouTube, too. You can see Alex Winter working as a director and if you somehow know this face: He was Bill in „Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure“ alongside Keanu „Neo“ himself.

And if you want to know more about the „real“ science behind this production, then have a look here. Sean Carroll from CalTech assembled this one himself.

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