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You, your atoms and you again

If you are planning to bingewatch some good old Star Trek classics soon, we recommend having a look at this video beforehand. It might explode your mind. Or at least, the „no cloning“ rule of quantum teleportation will. And if you’re trying to figure out if it was you watching […]

Honey, I shrunk the engine!

Ottomotor-Atom qutools

Scientists from TU Kaiserslautern managed to create an engine with just one Cesium atom Most of us have daily contact with one or several Ottos. Mostly in the form of motors – in our cars, when we hear a motorcycle driving by, every time a generator does its duty. These […]

Warp me fo(u)r years! (But only if I can bring my crafting kit!)

Proxima Centauri B Solitontravel

Visualization of what traveling to Proxima Centauri B will definitely not look like. What can be achieved in four years? Well, German elementary school lasts four years. It is the time it takes to learn the alphabet, some math, riding a bike according to road traffic regulations and producing at […]

International Women’s Day

International Womens Day qutools

Today is International Women’s Day! So let’s hear what women at qutools have to say: Slava, Productmanager and graduated in quantumphysics The 8th of March has a revolutionary origin and from my childhood in Bulgaria I remember it as Mother’s Day. With my work as productmanager of the Quantenkoffer, I […]

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? A recommendation

Karma dog from qutools

Hi, it’s me, Karma, a polite and happy lady Labrador. My owner is also the founder of qutools and well, he has some serious quantum business going on. Lately, he has been reading a book to me where a physicist named Chad explains quantum physics to his dog. It seems […]

Silicon is out – Quantum is in

Quanten-Computer qutools Logo

We are all familiar with the term „Silicon Valley“. A hub of IT, hightech and innovation in general, located at the San Francisco Bay Area. How lucky for us at qutools that we won’t have to travel that far anymore to feel the buzzing vibe of creative minds shaping everyones‘ […]

A quantum of knowledge

qutools Quanten Visualisierung

Where does the word “Quantum” derive from? A not so scientifically correct search. We here at qutools use the word „Quantum“ quite a (qu)bit. And it is not only us – quantumphysics and -mechanics are starting to become part of the mainstream’s vocabulary. But where does the term „Quantum“ actually […]