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Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? A recommendation

Hi, it’s me, Karma, a polite and happy lady Labrador.

My owner is also the founder of qutools and well, he has some serious quantum business going on. Lately, he has been reading a book to me where a physicist named Chad explains quantum physics to his dog. It seems my owner wants to educate me. What can I say, this book is barking good!
I could follow along very well with these very sensible analogies of squirrels, bunnies and treats that Chad uses in his book to talk his doggo Emma through the Uncertainty Principle, Quantum Tunneling or Entanglement. Sometimes it got extremely scientific, but somehow I think that could lie in the nature of this particle-wave-matter. Let me show you an excerpt of what we are talking about here (I admit, this paragraph is more in the fun corner of the book):

„(…) Do you have any other examples of interference? Something more…doggy?“
„No, I really don’t. That’s the point – waves are dramatically different than particles. Nothing that a dog deals with on a regular basis is all that wavelike.“
„How about, ‘Interference is like when you put a squirrel in the backyard, and then you put a dog in the backyard, and a minute later, there’s no more squirrel in the backyard.‘“
„That’s not interference, that’s prey pursuit. Interference is more like putting a squirrel in the backyard, then putting a second squirrel in the backyard one second later, and finding that you have no squirrels at all. But if you wait two seconds before putting the second squirrel, you find four squirrels.“
(From „How to teach Quantum Physics to your dog by Chad Orzel)

So, if you are looking for a different approach to quantum theory, I suggest you should find someone who reads you some nice literature while you curl up on the couch. Also, I am interested: What other books are out there that are dog-, and/or quantum-related?
Tell the qutools folk under so I get treated to some more bedtime stories.

Best bones
Your good girl Karma